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For this invited competition we proposed the creation of an inspirational sanctuary/space for contemplation as a counterpoint to the busy open plan office space.

Using the inspiration of catenary curves found widely in nature, mathematics, engineering and architecture, we proposed a series of intersecting catenary curves made from hanging ropes, which form a central, inhabitable, cathedral like volume. These curves are supported and controlled by light weight lines hung from the atrium ceiling and counter -balanced at the basement level with sand bags. These lines form a veil at the edges of the atrium through which the catenary structure is revealed. The Catenary Chamber explores the beauty inherent in an expressed complex structure, set against the seemingly effortless, pure and seamless forms and spaces that complex structures can generate.

The balconies on each floor will offer unique, inspiring viewpoints of the outer workings of the structure, and it is not until viewed from below that the simple rules that define the complex form are revealed.